The Global Biotechnology Market

  • The global biotechnology market is expected to reach USD 727.1 billion by 2025
  • Key biotechnology themes include regenerative medicine and genetics in diagnostics.
  • Technological advancements pertaining to the penetration of artificial intelligence in this industry is expected to fuel progress with potential avenues.
  • The companies are engaged in unleashing machine learning in order to understand individual cancer cases, while recommending clinical trials.


The Philippine Biotechnology Market

  • Innovations in health biotechnology remain a challenge due to lack of effective and efficient transitioning mechanisms from “Bench to bedside to community.”
  • The culture of innovation and translation is hampered by the limited number of individuals with adequate training in both the science and the business of health innovations
  • The lack of suitable infrastructure to bring a prototype technology from an RDI (e.g. NIH) to a scaled-up commercialize-ready platforms
  • University Researchers and Scientists are “fearful” of the unknown when it comes to the business side of the research output

Stages of Technology Transfer and Where the Gaps Are:

Most of these technology developments are at the level of research and proof of concept experimentation.  Majority of these ends at publication and little will proceed to the next level of develop.  The reasons for this are mainly:

  1. Lack of awareness of existing mechanisms for knowledge translation
  2. Processes are too rigid and lack standardization and efficiency

3. No ready infrastructure that will assist start-ups maximize their capital on production and scale-up and not on infrastructure cost


To meet these gaps, physical infrastructure and framework development will have to be in place to stimulate the S&T landscape in the Philippines.  The creation of the Biotechnology and Innovation Hub will provide start-up companies the advantage of starting the scale-up, manufacturing and distribution in a shorter period.

The Biotechnology and Innovation Hub:

  • Will house ready for occupancy modular offices for start-up companies
  • Will house ready for occupancy BSL-2 laboratories and clean air laboratories
  • Will create cGMP and cGLP grade manufacturing facilities for diagnostics, biologics, medical devices, cellular therapeutics, synthetic peptides, etc.
  • It will house teleconferencing facilities and business centers that will support the interaction between scientists, business developers, venture capitalists
  • It will manage a centralized office support systems and business registration support system that will assist start-up companies minimize operational costs and maximize start up capital on product scale up and distribution
  • It will have an R&D facilities for further product research and development to provide local innovators competitive advantage.
  • It will house machining facilities for small medical devices manufacturing and testing
Conceptual Design of the Research and Development Facility
Scale-up Manufacturing, Technology Transfer and Business Development Conceptual Building Design (Photo from creative commons, used for concept presentation Purposes)

Budget Requirement:


PhP 1,600,000,000.00          Building Infrastructure and Research Laboratory

PhP 1,800,000,000.00          Research and Manufacturing Equipment

PhP 800,000,000.00             Administrative and Operational Expense

PhP 2,600,000,000.00          Research, Training and Business Development Fund


  1. Two 5-level sprawling facility with each building footprint of 2000 sq meters and a landscape and parking footprint of 3000 sqm
  2. Includes 3rd Party Design Review and Certification of containment facilities, building air handling design, Biosecurity and biosafety review and leed certification


Target Operating Date: January of 2022