Jose S. Natividad

             Jose Silvestre Natividad is a civil engineer whose expertise made him a catalyst for economic activity in the countryside.

         Exposed to civil works in the regions, he discovered his deeper calling in the midst of communities plunged in darkness, deprived of electricity. Lamenting how the lack of access to energy had set back the local economy, he dared to tap the rich natural resources of these areas to convert them into usable energy for the people.

           First, Natividad attained life-changing success with hydropower development. Now, as the president of Paragon Pegasus Solutions, Inc., this social entrepreneur has ventured into solar and wind energy. Being one of the pioneering advocates of RE in the Philippines, Natividad believes it is key to attaining inclusive growth and development for the country. He knows that despite the challenges, renewable energy is a highly-specialized endeavour worthy of the patience and investment it takes to build a sustainable future.

          That same vision and expertise are what he brings aboard Grand Smart Holding Corporation. He shares in the firm’s mission of providing products, services, and solutions that will improve lives and living conditions.

          With his addition to the team, harnessing resources for renewable and conventional energy are sure to be an integral part of GSHC’s future ventures and expansion.