To care for and improve the well-being and lives of the Filipino people first, and then the world, with a range of products, services, and solutions that are accessible, sustainable, and affordable, both locally and internationally.

             To prioritize the combat against COVID-19 by partnering with healthcare and pharmaceutical experts through its Research and Development (R&D) activities and collaborating with international healthcare organizations to bring back the stability that was taken away by the pandemic.

            To usher in a new era of innovations with smart and secure investments geared toward a holistic approach to improve lives and living conditions with sustainable products and services that care for a wide spectrum of needs of communities locally and internationally.



              To continuously seek new ways and innovations to sustainably enhance and improve lives by providing accessible and affordable products, services, and solutions beyond pharmaceuticals and healthcare.

               To be a catalyst in the modernization of products and services by utilizing readily and locally available resources and talents to create more solutions in infrastructure and biotechnology with the purpose of serving health and energy needs.

             To harness and provide a global platform for the talent, passion, and brilliance of Filipinos with an international market of investments all geared toward community-based solutions to improve lives and living conditions within the country and abroad.

          To remain steadfast and constantly evolving to meet the needs and requirements of its market without compromising natural resources and humanitarian welfare as it strives to meet the health, infrastructure, and energy demands with sustainable solutions.