Company Profile

            Grand Smart Holding Corporation (GSHC) is a holding company driven by a single mission: The care and improvement of the lives of the Filipino people first, and then the world. We are committed to invest in and provide products, services, and solutions for a range of needs and demands within the market, and make them accessible and affordable both locally and internationally.

           Through a specialized business model created and collaborated on by its founder Mario Pacursa Marcos and its officers, Grand Smart Holding Corporation believes that it is uniquely positioned to play a leading role in providing quality and affordable products, services, and solutions through secure investments and acquisitions.

              During its formation in June 2020, the primary thrust that drove forward Grand Smart Holding Corporation is the goal to provide healthcare products and supplies to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Grand Smart Holding Corporation partners with experts in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, through its core strength in Research & Development activities and collaboration with international healthcare organizations. Within its first month, Grand Smart Holding Corporation has established an exclusive partnership with two local pharmaceutical companies with a proven track record in the development of multi-awarded healthcare products. This partnership provides quality and locally produced products that will serve and meet the various healthcare requirements of the country, particularly the embattled COVID-19 front. Grand Smart Holding Corporation also looks to take on other common disease outbreaks such as dengue and rabies.

            As it continues to grow and expand, Grand Smart Holding Corporation is set to explore other businesses and invest in other projects, primarily involved in infrastructure and biotechnology, to provide even more products and quality services that address the needs and demands of the Filipino people living in a developing country, with the primary objective of improving lives.

           Sustainability and philanthropy are benchmarks in Grand Smart Holding Corporation. The core of its investments is geared towards addressing issues of communities most in need of development innovations to enhance living conditions. Grand Smart Holding Corporation is steadfast in meeting these demands through a market of projects that do not compromise its resources and the environment.

            Grand Smart Holding Corporation looks to greater horizons with a foreign market of investments, while simultaneously providing a global platform for the talent and brilliance of Filipinos through locally-sourced initiatives aimed at an international audience.

             Overseen by a board of officers with varied expertise in different areas of development, business management, innovation, sustainability, and philanthropy, Grand Smart Holding Corporation brings to the world products, services, and solutions that will improve lives locally and internationally through smart and secure investments.

               Grand Smart Holding Corporation is duly registered under the Securities & Exchange Commission and Bureau of Internal Revenue.