Alfonso M. Bicomong Jr.

               Alfonso M. Bicomong Jr. has been an entrepreneur in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry for over 25 years. An expert in marketing, management, and business development, he founded various pharmaceutical enterprises such as Drugwell, ArtMed Pharma, and Wellness AG, among others.

            Today, Bicomong is focused on being the CEO of three companies: Pharmatechnica Laboratory Inc., one of the Philippines’ premier and distinctive manufacturers that develops quality, safe, and effective healthcare products such as pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and cosmetics; Total Wellness Pharma, a marketing company that merchandises innovative medical supplies and exports the same to nearby Asian countries; and Maharaja Distribution Channel, a distribution company that specializes in bringing consumer goods to Mercury Drug branches in the Philippines.

           His dedication to innovation, power to lead, and people-centric disposition have positively brushed off on his associates to strive for excellence not just for themselves, but for the community they serve.

            Bicomong’s partnership with Grand Smart Holding Corporation makes the big difference in the firm’s positioning itself as a formidable provider of quality and affordable healthcare products in these challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.